The impact of the pharmaceutical industry can’t be denied. Its rapid growth over the past few decades, within a wider context of a globalized world, has caused the demand for translation of a wide range of documents to skyrocket. In all, it amounts to a broad scope of demand for translation and localization services that require knowledge, skill and quality, with material ranging from leaflets and labels to highly complex, detailed and confidential reports, contracts and documentation relating to clinical trials, international drug approvals and post-approval studies.

ZAUM offers its customers terminological precision and high-quality technical translations, performed by experienced and responsible professionals trained to deliver consistently excellent work.

With that in mind, we always work with technical and/or customer-specific glossaries, translation memories (local and/or online), editing reports and quality control (partial and final).

Below is a small sample of specific terms used in pharmaceutical translations:
– calibrated 10 l GC syringe = uma seringa de GC de 10 L calibrada;
– the Residual Solvent content = o teor de Solvente Residual;
– Proposed Risk Minimization Measures (RMMS) = Medidas de minimização de riscos propostas (MMRS);
– Dilute 15.0 ml of the above suspension to 1000 ml water. = Dilua 15,0 ml da suspensão acima em 1000 ml de água;
– Specified temperature as per USP is 25°, as per EP is 20°C and as per JP is 20°C / 25°C. = A temperatura especificada conforme a farmacopeia dos EUA é de 25 °C, conforme a farmacopeia europeia é de 20 °C e conforme a farmacopeia japonesa é de 20 °C / 25 °C.