Problem: A client from the Business Consulting sector needed to have three business cases translated from English to Brazilian Portuguese, with a deadline of only two days, since they would need to use the documents with one of their clients a few days later. One of the cases was from Harvard, and two from Kellogg School of Management. In order to achieve an accurate result and a fluent text, the business and administrative content needed to be translated by someone with experience in these areas.

ZAUM’s Project Manager organized the project with all three cases, chose the best team of translators and reviewers from our select base, who are familiar with this subject, and managed the entire project, ensuring that all those involved followed the highest quality and fluency standards. The project also had specific glossaries for these subjects and the participation of our translation quality control specialists.

As a result, all three cases were translated and delivered within the required deadline. Just as important, we maintained the same visual standard and formatting as in the original documents. In order to accurately reproduce the same visual pattern, we called upon our DTP (Desktop Publishing) team.

More importantly to us, we were able to meet the client’s expectations, who provided us with very positive feedback: “I had been looking for solutions that I could trust to address my translation demands for quite some time, and now I can confidently recommend ZAUM, who took care of three quite complex cases for us (one from Harvard + two from Kellogg), translating it from English into Portuguese and sending it back client-ready”.

ZAUM is involved with the deliveries and always seeks to learn from its clients. For future jobs, we will seek to work with a similar team and maintain the same terminology and standard of writing for this type of case.