Organizational culture
At a German automation company, the client needed to leverage its relationships in Brazil, so it decided to have some informational material translated for the press.

The content to be translated from German had a narrative and informative style, and the company needed to plan its organizational profile in order to make the company’s objectives, advantages, culture and field of activity clear.

With its specific requirements regarding linguistic structure, the project was translated into Portuguese with the necessary adaptations, working around semantic losses so as to convey the intended message.

Fully reflecting the company’s principles entails projection into the new market and visibility before the target audience. In this sense, ZAUM’s work is personalized to ensure the communication goals of each client.

From local to global
Operating in the second largest metropolitan region of São Paulo, the partner-company in question works with a magazine for advertising the city’s businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and the like. The bilingual project (Portuguese and English) expands business opportunities for direct clients, while also featuring and creating visibility for regional players through the magazine’s articles and advertisements.

Working with communication media is a challenging task due to the short time period between receipt, production, editing and revision, which limits the deadline for other stages, such as translation. ZAUM stepped up to the challenge once again, delivering a quality project within the stipulated deadlines, demonstrating its efficiency in language solutions.