ZAUM Language Services is a translation agency that works in partnership with a team of more than 250 select translators (and growing…) located around the world.

Our main services include: Translations, Technical Translations, Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpretation, Software Localization, Video Subtitling and Voice-Over.

ZAUM relies on a high degree of expertise, fluency and terminological precision, essential elements in connecting your business to the world’s major languages.

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We strive to be facilitators of multilingual communication for companies in Brazil and around the world, increasing their reach and expanding new business opportunities. We are located in Campinas, whose metropolitan region is the second largest manufacturing hub in the State of São Paulo, and the third largest in Brazil, in addition to being a major contributor to the state’s (18%) and the country’s (3%) GDP.

We take pride in sharing the responsibility for the success of our clients. That is why we work to be a key partner to our clients, adding value and providing services that allow their communication and technical material to spread across the world. We dedicate our efforts towards continuously meeting your most complex and demanding linguistic needs, and developing an ever-increasing amount of knowledge about each client’s specific concerns and preferences. We have the solutions that connect your business with the world’s major languages.

With technical precision and language that suits the target audience, we make sure that our clients can communicate in several of the world’s languages.

In order to achieve all that we set out to accomplish, while maintaining our focus on high quality and the most precise terminology, we follow a strict selection process for our team of translators and editors, and regularly invest in the improvement and training of new professionals, thus contributing to the success of our clients in a wide range of business segments.

Our goal is to be a key partner in adding value to your company, by providing linguistic services that connect your business with the world’s major languages.

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We have a team of highly qualified translators and editors who are native speakers of the target language, as well as specialized and experienced in the technical areas in which they work.

These professionals undergo translation and editing testing before being added to our team, and are continuously evaluated according to the quality metrics that we apply to every project.

We also work towards identifying potential professionals for the industry by promoting introductory technical translation workshops and providing training and specialization for qualified individuals who have demonstrated the talent required for a successful career in the field.