The Voice-Over translation solution is a process in which the original audio can be heard in the background, while actor voices are recorded “over” the track.

It is a widely used solution for the translation of documentaries and interviews with public figures, such as major political, religious and business leaders. Voice-Over is performed by translators and voice actors who translate the original dialogue and provide a more subtle interpretation of the characters’ or interviewees’ tones than is the case with lip sync dubbing, where the original sound is omitted.

Voice-Over has its own distinct characteristics. For example, the length of the text needs to fit between the beginning and the end of the original speech, without going over it or leaving lip movements without a “voice over”. These considerations provide more comfort to the viewing audience, as well as a better quality perception for the audiovisual product.

Our team of translators and editors guarantees that all of these technical and linguistic factors are taken into consideration when delivering solutions to our clients’ various translation needs.

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