About Us

Translation for Business in Multiple Foreign Markets.

In a world governed by letters, language and speedy online search, why did we choose the name Zaum and not Aaaardvark for example?

Translation for Business in Multiple Foreign Markets

Zaum, with its roots in Italian and Russian futurism, speaks to the freedom of language and the distinctive and subtle interplay of word, image and sound.

We recognize and embrace this need for a multidisciplinary approach, one that properly addresses context and cultural variances alongside the increasing demands for brevity in a fast-moving society.

Placing this approach at the center of our business encourages us to move beyond purely literal and logical translation to ensure we explore communication needs and nuances in a more holistic manner.

Welcome to the world of Zaum

Zaum was created to address the cultural, linguistic and localization needs of companies doing business in multiple foreign markets.

Since 2015, we have been one of the leading language service providers for the Latin American market as well as offering a comprehensive service to support businesses in all major global markets. We provide an end-to-end approach to quality assurance that helps to ensure our work is delivered quickly and with fewer reviews.

Our Services

We excel in the fields of life sciences, software and other highly technical or regulated fields that require detailed knowledge of sector-specific style, terminology, and conventions.

Primary services include: localization strategy and AI assistance, translation, interpreting, voiceover and subtitling, software localization, native copy writing, and cultural consulting.

Marketing Materials
Technical and Safety Documentation
Training and eLearning
Video and Animation
Web and Mobile Apps

Our Leadership

Your business will be carefully and conscientiously managed by a team of experienced professionals, each with more than ten years’ experience.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We are proud partners of many of the world’s leading brand owners and have solutions and services that we tailor to businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals.

“Zaum is a fantastic partner for localized content. They are always on top of deadlines, delivering high-quality translations at an affordable price.”

“Highly professional people & services and above all very friendly. They can make your day. Our best recommendations to Zaum Langs. We would hire them again.”

“‘Fast service, understands our demands like no other, and they step up to jump the hurdles and meet the urgent challenges.’; ‘Always excellent in deliveries!’”