Cast Study

Global Technology and Consulting Business

The Challenge

Our client, a major global technology and consulting business, was seeking ways to continue presenting one of their major events at a time when international travel was still heavily problematic.

The event featured guests and speakers from around the world with a variety of events, many of which were scheduled concurrently, meaning that individual rooms would be required.

To organize an event of this magnitude in an online setting, it was crucial to ensure proper technological infrastructure, compatibility with the client’s IT environment, reliable Internet connection between speakers and interpreters, and flawless alignment with project management in terms of scope, deadline, cost and client expectations.

Analysis and Solution

Zaum’s technical team established that the presentation tool initially selected by the client team lacked some of the features required for the event, most especially support for simultaneous interpreting.

Given our experience in running events of this type we carried out a quick requirements analysis and proposed an alternative solution that met all demands for simultaneous multi-language interpreting, customization, reliability, and data security.

In parallel with the technology setup and platform selection, we selected interpreters qualified for the subject-matter and languages and a team of project managers to coordinate the entire process. The PMs worked with the client team to help ensure the rooms and audio channels were set up correctly and conducted a test program with organizers, presenters and interpreters.

Key Points

  • Country teams and more than one thousand participants from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru attended the two-day event

  • More than 20 hours of content was presented and simultaneously interpreted

  • The client has now significantly increased its commitment to online events with simultaneous interpreting

  • Event attendance and business outcomes have improved as a result

The demand for online events with simultaneous interpreting has remained high even after the pandemic and has become an important new aspect of both customer and internal communications and training. Zaum continues to invest in tools and team development to assist clients across all stages, from event consulting, technology selection and testing, room planning, pre- and post- event support and, of course, interpreting services.

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