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Translation is our core competence and primary activity. Zaum Langs is dedicated to providing the highest quality of translation across a wide spectrum of product, marketing and support materials:

  • Technical and Operating Instructions

  • Software and Applications

  • Marketing – Print, Digital, TV and Video

  • Live Events and Interpreting

  • Packaging and Safety Materials

Zaum manages translation projects independently and impartially to promote fast and effective communication. We strive for linguistic excellence and accurate terminology to ensure that we accurately implement brand standards and ensure consistent tone across the full spectrum of materials.

We also manage terminology databases by subject and client, tailoring each project to specific preferences.

Our suite of professional CAT and workflow tools provide seamless guardianship, organization and project management of all materials, and provides the foundation for building and managing dedicated translation memories for each client. Integrated productivity tools help to boost project efficiency, reduce repetitive costs and ensure confidentiality and safety of information throughout the chain of custody.

Copywriting and origination

Sometimes, especially in the case of marketing, advertising or other creative copy, translation is not the appropriate solution.

In such cases we will address this as a likely challenge at the outset of the project, highlighting why certain copy may not be suitable to translate directly. Once a combined copywriting and translation approach has been agreed, Zaum will engage a creative copywriter that specializes in the sector and media type.

Writing styles and requirements vary for web, social, advertising, broadcast and multimedia and we operate strict internal guidelines and classifications of our writing talent to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations.

Cultural Insight

Translation is only part of the journey to business success in international markets. 

Source materials that rely on visual humor, wordplay and idioms can often badly miss the mark when localized. This can be frustrating for local representatives and may damage a brand just as it is trying to generate success.

We will always partner with you to ensure your materials are adapted to best effect but we will add even greater value if we are involved earlier in the creative process. The planning stage of a new promotional campaign or marketing initiative is the ideal time to partner with Zaum to ensure optimal in-market success by assessing and advising on a variety of factors, including:

  • Campaign timing

  • Cultural norms and conflicts 

  • Key messages and headlines

  • Image style and color selection

  • Talent selection, including voiceover artists

  • Data presentation styles

  • Regulatory conventions

Early identification of possible cultural or language challenges helps to avoid the additional costs and delays associated with developing or revising materials.

Content Services

Translation or technical translation:

Our production chain is structured to efficiently handle different volumes of translation into several languages simultaneously, guided by standardized translation, editing and quality control workflows, or based on simplified workflows based on the complexity of each project.

We also work with different demands for technical translations of highly specialized materials. To do so, we rely on a team of translators and editors who are highly qualified and constantly trained in a wide range of technical terminologies across different subject areas of expertise and languages.

Transcription and subtitling

Zaum Langs provides a wide range of services for all forms of moving image:

  • Broadcast TV and documentaries

  • TV commercials (TVC)

  • Corporate, training and educational videos

  • Technical and scientific presentations

  • 2D and 3D Animation

  • Human and AI voiceovers

We specialize in content that requires a guarantee of the greatest possible terminological correspondence and precision, quality that can only be achieved by translators and editors specialized in each subject area. 

Website Translation/Localization:

As an extension of the translation services detailed above, we also translate brand and technical websites, intranet, and portals. Our flexible configuration means we can either work with content taken directly from the website, original files (e.g. HTML, JSON) or via API connections to your CMS or web publishing tool. By combining our expertise in technical translation with technology, and the translation and adaptation of videos and images, we can translate and localize your website and/or update new content into one or more languages.

Custom (AI+Pro) machine translation and professional post-editing:

We can translate your content with AI, followed by post-editing by our Pro linguists, to ensure fluency and accuracy. This is an excellent option when large volumes of content need to be quickly translated in a cost-effective manner. Our project managers are fully versed in the nuances that arise when using AI technologies, such as machine parameterization/training, use of client-specific glossaries, and testing by experts in the required field. 

Video subtitling consists of inserting text (either translated or in its source language) that is synchronized with the footage, while keeping the original audio intact. This process involves synchronizing text and footage through timecodes/timestamps, ensuring viewers have enough time to read the text shown on the screen. An example of a commonly used file is .SRT, which we can deliver separately and/or apply to your video.

Transcription of audio or video content into text. This process makes it easier to locate information, with or without timecodes, and subtitle videos in the original language (subtitling or closed captions).

Voice-Over solutions, where the original audio can optionally be heard in the background or silenced, while actors’ voices are recorded “over” the track, with a tone and performance by our multilingual voice actors tailored to your business needs. We also offer narration without voice-over to completely adapt audio, video and training content to the desired language. 

We rely on state-of-the-art voice-over and subtitling technology that allows us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently without compromising translation quality. We have strict and transparent workflow controls in place, including transcription, translation, editing, subtitle insertion and synchronization.


Zaum Langs is very experienced in the field of interpreting and simultaneous interpretation.

We offer a team of highly qualified interpreters to service all your simultaneous interpreting needs at major events, conferences, lectures, training courses, interviews, on-site or online meetings, based on the subject and specialty required.

We promote effective communication between speakers and audiences, enabling participants to express themselves in their native language and, in the case of online simultaneous interpreting of meetings or webinars, listen to the translation through headphones, smartphones and notebooks.

Our professionals are also fully qualified to provide exceptional consecutive interpreting services, which are delivered in pauses by the speaker, without the use of audio equipment. This type of interpretation is recommended for smaller gatherings, factory visits, meetings or formal ceremonies.

Software and App Localization

Projects typically cover the following stages:
a) translation and/or localization of software and content e.g., UI, navigation, messages, instructions);
b) translation of documentation;
c) client-side system tests.

We account for length restrictions on the interface, terminology context, conversion of quantities and measurements, and other factors to ensure locale-specific functionality and appearance.

Our translators and editors can access software beta versions (with the client’s permission) to carry out a preliminary content assessment and resolve any terminological issues that may arise, laying a solid foundation for successful project execution from the initial briefing to final system testing.

Accessibility Services: Ensuring Inclusive Content and Digital Experiences

When it comes to content, it is vital to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can access and engage with it fully. That’s where accessibility services like PDFUA, 508 remediation, large print, and braille come in. These services are designed to make content compliant with accessibility standards, allowing individuals with disabilities to navigate, understand, and interact with the information presented. 

One key aspect to consider is the affordability of these services. At Zaum we understand the importance of making accessibility, accessible. Our pricing structure is competitive, ensuring that organizations of all sizes can afford to make their assets inclusive and compliant.

Moreover, the value of accessibility services cannot be overstated. Making branded content accessible expands brand reach reach to a wider audience, unlocks new business opportunities, and demonstrates a strong commitment to inclusivity. Accessibility compliance also helps brands meet legal requirements and mitigate potential risks associated with non-compliance.

What sets our accessibility services apart is our thorough understanding of the diverse needs and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Our team of experts meticulously analyzes each element of your content—be it PDF files, websites, or applications—to identify and rectify any barriers that hinder accessibility. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that not only meet accessibility compliance standards but also provide an enhanced user experience for all.

In a world where digital experiences are becoming increasingly crucial, investing in accessibility services is not just a legal or moral obligation; it is a smart business move that fosters equal opportunities, attracts top candidates and enables seamless access for all.

Studio production, DTP and creative services

Significant time, cost and quality benefits result from integrating translation with studio services.

Zaum offers a full range of creative studio services for localization and adaptation of print and digital files as well as for multimedia files requiring subtitling, re-timing and image/content replacements. 

In cases where we are working on finished digital files for print, digital and moving image (video, broadcast and animation) we prefer to work with the client and their originating agency to ensure translation friendly files are supplied. However, our studio is fully resourced to resolve challenges that arise; these might include un-editable images with text and other forms of image and format manipulation.

We understand that many agencies are not used to working with translation in mind and that the initial creative brief may not have included any reference to localization. For these reasons our early involvement with client creative agencies helps avoid or address challenges and will reduce turnaround time and additional studio costs.

Once we ingest the file into our system, we will then translate the text and flow it back into the source file, providing the translated version back for review and approval. Our linguists work with our studio team to ensure that text flows properly and has no awkward breaks or mis-alignments with data and images. This cuts out multiple iterations with agency and client.

In cases where the target language is longer than the source language, we will provide guidance on revised layouts, font changes the addition or removal of pages or space. For example, French and Spanish are typically 18-30% longer than the English language source content and this should be taken into account either before the original material is created or as part of the localization process.