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Working With Zaum

Setting up for success

Cultural insight and the selection of experienced sector-specific linguists and editors are critical factors in ensuring success in international markets.

If you have in-market colleagues who are perhaps less than enthusiastic about the local language materials they are receiving then we’d be more than happy to help audit and provide feedback (guidance) on current materials and processes.

There aren’t many scenarios we haven’t experienced and we’re confident that our team will identify opportunities to deliver the stress-free service you really deserve.

Committed to understanding your business

There are always challenges. We are here to navigate them with you.

Investing the necessary time to gain a full understanding of our customers’ business is a critical part of building the path to success. This includes not only working with internal teams, writers and agencies, but also building strong understanding and communications with in-market teams. 

We use a number of metrics to assess performance improvements and these include:

  • Speed to market and Reduced turnaround time

  • Reduced rounds of review

  • Fewer stylistic and preference comments

  • Engagement with the localization process

  • Improved consistency and use of well-managed translation memories

  • Opportunities to improve process efficiency and lower the total cost of operations

Scalability. Flexibility. Agility

Zaum Langs manages translation and adaptation for a full spectrum of documentation, digital media, apps, medical devices, marketing, e-learning, and a wide range of legal, technical and sales support materials. And we do so in more than 60 languages.

Our experienced account managers work closely with our customers to ensure we have accurate visibility on forthcoming campaigns as well as ad hoc requests. By doing so we are able to ensure that we have the necessary talent in place; not just linguists and copy writers, but also editors, project managers, production and multimedia studios, digital developers, and voiceover artists.

Technology in Translation
Our business is supported by a robust technology stack for managing the entire process from brief and estimation, to talent and project management, translation memories, studio resources, review and approval and financial management. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

We are proud partners of many of the world’s leading brand owners and have solutions and services that we tailor to businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals.

“Zaum is a fantastic partner for localized content. They are always on top of deadlines, delivering high-quality translations at an affordable price.”

“Highly professional people & services and above all very friendly. They can make your day. Our best recommendations to Zaum Langs. We would hire them again.”

“‘Fast service, understands our demands like no other, and they step up to jump the hurdles and meet the urgent challenges.’; ‘Always excellent in deliveries!’”