Internationalization of MMCafé’s Intranet Software

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Intranet platforms have become popular due to remote working arrangements imposed by the pandemic, which many companies should implement permanently. These systems are excellent solutions to broaden internal corporate communication, streamline processes, and boost data security and confidentiality.

The platform of MMCafé – Zaum’s client for many years – was rated the Best Intranet in Brazil for two years, with decades of experience in developing and updating software and modules for employee communication and engagement, following and dictating trends.

Driven by the mission to deliver an outstanding internal communication and endomarketing tool, strengthening the bond between companies and their employees, MMCafé services clients of all different sizes. Many of them are multinational corporations that need to reach their audiences in different languages.

Since one of Zaum Langs’ main specialties is to translate software, websites and multimedia content for the IT and Tech industry, MMCafé chose us to spearhead such a high-profile and challenging project.

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Translation and Localization of Intranet software content

Spanish was one of the main languages required by MMCafé’s clients, seeing as the company is heavily expanding across Latin America. Some of MMCafé’s main clients requested to have the Intranet management interface entirely in Spanish. 

In addition, all system messages shown to users (employees of client companies) also had to be localized from Portuguese to Spanish, as neutral as possible within Latin America, since clients operate across a wide range of Spanish-speaking countries.

Adding to the challenge of translation and localization was the requirement to work with software code intertwined with system messages, which had to be translated, approved and provided in the MMCafé platform in Spanish. 

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The process of localizing Intranet software for internationalization

MMCafé already conceived its system to be localized into other languages, which is why it was able to provide to Zaum all software files in json format (one of the many ways of working with these demands).

With extensive experience working with different file types, including html and many others, and the ability to prevent codes from being edited while translating/localizing only the required content, Zaum worked with the source Json file and delivered to MMCafé the files in the exact same format.

All of the content and messages in Portuguese had to be translated to Spanish, ultimately allowing the most direct deployment of the localized software by MMCafé’s developers, which is exactly what they were able to do. 

The process as a whole can always have technical challenges, but the localization can be delivered efficiently by a team of specialized professionals.

The website or software localization service must go beyond mere translation, also considering the cultural traits and trends of each language, ultimately making the translated text as natural as it would have been if originally written in the target language for the target audience.



Results of the internationalization of MMCafé’s Intranet Software

The image below shows a small sample of the work done, with screens illustrating the results that can be implemented to be used by MMCafé’s clients whose main language is Spanish:

InkedMMCafe Home PTBR 1 LI


InkedMMCafe Home ES 1 LI




Now, MMCafé’s Spanish-speaking Intranet users can now browse and use the Intranet with a user-friendly interface, saving time and boosting efficiency in internal communications.


Next step: independence and automation of the translation software system

After the localized software’s go-live, whenever MMCafé needs to update the software, Zaum can help by only translating/localizing whatever was changed or added to the platform. 

The systems can detect all of the content already translated and focus only on what was changed in each context, message and/or menu.

That really showcased to developers the value of agile and professional translation work, ultimately saving them a lot of time and the ability to rely on custom and tailored work for any future updates.

And MMCafé’s clients – the main users – now have a professionally localized system and feel better about the service and the tool received, able to use it more effectively and ultimately becoming more satisfied customers.

Zaum Langs focuses on streamlining multilingual communication of companies around the world, helping them achieve global reach through our services and ultimately boost business and growth opportunities for its clients. 

Talk to one of our consultants to learn more about our services or request a quote. 

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