Why should I hire a translation company?

July 8, 2024

Due to globalization and the importance of international communication flows in today’s world, companies are increasingly likely to need translation services for their operations. And while there are many options available in the market, not all of them are reliable. So, how can you make sure that you are making a good investment? Currently, the most cost-effective alternative is to hire a translation company.

These agencies rely on a team of qualified and specialized translators who are ready to handle all your language needs, from simple memos to highly technical documents. Other reasons for choosing a translation company include:


On-time deliveries

A common complaint by many of our clients is the inability of freelancers to meet deadlines. The stories are all very similar: translators giving last-minute warnings that they will not be finishing the job on time. This problem is less likely to occur when hiring a translation company, as their reputation depends on providing an efficient service in a timely manner.


Accuracy and efficiency

Unfortunately, many professionals in the market will take on jobs indiscriminately, without having the proper qualifications or expertise on the subject. A professional translation company is able to assign your document to translators who know the specifics of each field of business. The end result is a much more precise and fluent translation than one achieved by someone who is simply bilingual, not to mention by automatic translation. There are several aspects that need to be managed properly, such as: the duration of each step of the workflow, grammar check, use of proper and consistent terminology, as well as the register and style of your text.

When it comes to technical translations, you need a team of proven experts who strive to stay up-to-date with the major trends in the specific field. Due to the innovative character of companies and the speed at which information travels today, the language needs to adapt to the target audience’s habits and culture.


Constant monitoring

The most experienced companies on the market rely on a skilled team of professionals whom you can interact with, and excellent tools that let you monitor the translation process. That allows you to stay informed about the project and give your feedback.

Freelancers are usually not available to interact with clients while the project is ongoing – because they are usually a one-person operation, they tend to focus on the translation itself and on delivering jobs with short turnarounds, and have very limited time for dealing with their client base. On the other hand, a translation company allows you to interact with a project manager dedicated to your project. This project manager is not responsible for the translation itself, but will coordinate a team that will provide translation, editing, formatting and other services for your project.


Progressive savings

When you hire a translation company, the business terms are established from the outset, including contact points (business and/or projects), price and payment terms. This prevents any unpleasant surprises after the project starts, such as unexpected price increases, which can happen with some freelancers who suddenly realize that the job is more complex than they previously imagined.

In addition, the best translation companies also create client-specific translation memories based on previous translations, which may result in progressive savings over the course of the relationship. For more information on our translation memory system, go to: https://zaum.flywheelstaging.com

While some companies choose to hire in-house translators, this may prove to be a costlier alternative, since the labor cost incurred by employers includes not only wages, but also payroll taxes and benefits. In addition, companies considering this option need to make sure they have enough demand in order to avoid idle time.

If your demand is too large or repetitive, the best solution is to establish a solid partnership with a language services provider. By leaving the translation to experts, you get the benefit of excellent results while freeing up resources for your main business purpose.



If your company has resorted to Google machine translation on a regular basis, you may have seen your share of garbled or incorrect results. These translations may be good enough for your daily operations and for texts that are not published, but they simply do not meet the standard required for documents that are shared with clients, who may see it as a sign of amateurish work. There are always many different ways of conveying the same message, but global brands will only gain consumer confidence if their content is properly adapted to each target language.

As we have seen, hiring professional language services provides major benefits for your company, such as guaranteed quality translations that let you focus on your main business purpose. Hiring freelance translators may be a risky endeavor, and managing all the steps and people involved could be a heavy burden. Finally, the decision to hire in-house translators involves a fixed expense that is not likely to be very cost-effective. If you want to combine expertise, speed, good value for your money and solid support, even after delivery, the decision to use a professional translation company is right for you.

If you want to learn more about the importance of quality translation services for your company, check out our tips and read why you should not choose any translation service!


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