July 8, 2024

The concept of organizational value  for modern businesses goes beyond quantification of currencies and commercial and economic figures. Nowadays, above all, the reputation and image of organizations are evaluated according to the effects caused by their work, especially in the social context, which involves the plural nature of globalization and the multiplication of knowledge. In this sense, one of our clients’ primary concerns is to ensure proper delivery of products and solutions to their customers, and to assign an intangible – albeit immeasurable on principle, meaning – to add confidence to brands.
By participating in this multi-faceted expansion process, ZAUM proposes solutions that simplify the dissemination of products, services and organizational principles of partner companies, so that global linguistic varieties are seen as opportunities for immersion into new realities, not as barriers.

As an example, we work as partners of a consulting firm specializing in Coaching and Human Development, which identifies issues present in the organizational culture (communication, leadership, information flows) in order to implement personnel development programs and strategies, working at various hierarchical levels within companies. Referring to a specific case, we can mention a project by the client in question in partnership with Harvard Business School for a business training program.

The prominent features of this project were its descriptive nature and business concept vocabulary. When we delivered the final translation, the client described it as “client ready”, meaning that it was ready to be understood by the target audience, maintaining the erudite level of the original, but well-adapted to Brazilian language.

Another great example, this time in the financial sphere, is an accounting consulting firm focused on audits, transactions, consulting on risks and any activity linked to compliance management of various specialty organizations, such as Energy, Food & Beverages, Real Estate and Construction Industry, Hospitality and Third Sector.

The challenge this time was the cost of the service for the client, which constantly needs translations of extensive financial reports involving many technical terms and visual elements, such as graphs and tables (essential for rendering accounts, in addition to ensuring its reputation with investors). In this case, the translation memory feature was a great ally in terms of time and cost for the client. If it hadn’t been applied, the project’s cost would have increased by 100%, which is to say it would have cost double the amount.


At ZAUM, the entire project management system is carefully controlled by an integrated and professional team in order to ensure aspects that go beyond simply delivering the work. Effective message transmission and viability for the client are also guiding factors among our organizational pillars. Our work is focused on ensuring multilingual and multicultural communication, which carries your work, as an organization or individual, to a global level.

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