App and software localization for internationalization

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One of the hallmarks in the mindset of the Silicon Valley and across the entire universe of innovation is to think globally. In other words, the products and solutions of innovative companies target the global market, transcending geographical borders.

This trend has created a challenge for translation companies to overcome. On the one hand, we must deliver fast and efficient translation and localization services to support the globalization of IT and software products, covering a wide range of different systems and applications. On the other hand, some of the technological tools responsible for such global innovation can make our services even more effective and convenient, unearthing new opportunities for the industry and delivering even more added value to clients.

Fully aware of this trend, Zaum spares no effort to ensure a constant digital transformation and innovative process, ultimately enhancing the company’s service by combining human care and affection with the smart use of applications to add value to work processes. One of the most clear-cut examples are the so-called CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation Tools), which digitally organize the flow of translations that go through our professionals. This software significantly leverages standardization, quality and terminology, ultimately generating gains in terms of cost reduction and greater delivery efficiency, besides enabling integration with external systems.

Translation Management Systems, or TMSs, have also evolved quickly and are part of the digital ecosystem. TMSs centralize all of the processes of hundreds or thousands of translation processes and improves their management, consolidating customer service and collaboration across global teams of linguists, in addition to enabling the use of analytical intelligence to analyze trends and propose increasingly better solutions to clients.

More recent innovations interconnect the systems of clients and translation companies to enable fluid and dynamic workflows.

Tools, technologies and integration between systems, including APIs, have allowed us to keep up with the growing technology industry, which transcends geographical borders with its global mindset. This market has been increasingly exporting programs, services and products. The internationalization – or globalization – of systems and applications generates a need to develop an app and software localization process with each new market explored. After all, internationalization and localization must always walk side by side.

It is important to note that we use the term “localization” because this process is not just a translation, but rather a complete adaptation of content that considers both use and linguistic characteristics, as well as specific cultural traits of the target audience. In localization, content is targeted to the audience of a certain country or linguistic variant, becoming an important stage for the product’s overall acceptance in the desired region.

One of Zaum’s main skills is software localization, which is carried out under an integrated work process to preserve terminology and promote system testing from a linguistic and user experience standpoint, which is extremely important in the tech business. Across a broad range of success cases, we were able to tailor the client’s expectations to specific characteristics of the target audience, ultimately achieving the desired satisfaction by delivering end products with superior quality.