July 8, 2024


Tips on finding a good partner for your projects


Ensuring well-written, articulate communications with foreign partners and customers, having your website translated into the languages of the countries where your company operates, sending job offers, promotional materials, translating proprietary software or videos, traveling and attending meetings and events with a multinational audience are some of the situations that require translation services for efficient, blunder-free interaction.


Here are some key issues to consider when hiring a translation company:



Translation requires highly specialized work. The translation company must strive to maintain a professional approach and rely on a highly qualified and prepared team of translators.


Speed and Performance

Turnaround time for projects is as crucial a factor as translation quality. Speed is a required element for providing great service.



Check the company’s production availability, even when it is handling several of your company’s projects at the same time.



Look for a translation company that offers layout services, maintaining the visual identity of original documents. This is a choice that can optimize your company’s time and resources.

Check the company’s multimedia resources. Preferably, choose a company that works with multiple formats. You can thus be sure of hiring a translation company that’s equipped to meet your company’s needs.



Always look to get the best value for your money. Hiring a translation company can give your company an advantage, as long as the benefits meet expectations.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Your translation company must keep pace with information security technologies and processes. When working with strictly confidential documents, a non-disclosre agreement is paramount.


Standardized Services

For anyone with a fairly significant and constant demand for this service, the best way to proceed is to establish a partnership with a translation company, so that it can accumulate knowledge about your company, production processes, content, and market, thereby understanding its unique characteristics. Being able to trust a translation company is crucial to a successful partnership.


Consistency within the company

By developing an ongoing relationship, the translation company can develop a technical glossary and a translation memory, favoring lower costs and standardized terminology and communications, which will help your company leverage the investment and gain access to new markets over the course of the partnership.


Tailored Services

Be careful when choosing a partner company – make sure that it is capable of providing services tailored specifically to meet your company’s needs. After all, translation directly impacts how companies communicate with the market, which make this a crucial service.

When hiring a company, make sure that it really meets all of your company’s requirements.



There are many traps related to price variations in the market. If you are requesting proposals from different companies, you may see quite significant variations in price. This is because some service providers don’t follow the best management practices and some don’t pass the savings gained by using translation memories on to their clients. Others use unqualified labor. Remember: when done properly, professional translation involves a team, usually consisting of qualified linguists and project management professionals, who also rely on technological tools to coordinate the work of each team member, thus providing clients with optimal results.


Online Presence

Visit the translation company’s website and see what it posts on social networks. By analyzing these channels, you can evaluate aspects such as consistency in its communication, market expertise, past customers, success stories, and even map out crisis situations. This critical analysis should guide your selection of a translation company.


By choosing ZAUM Language Services, you will find a translation company that strives to uphold its reputation and excellence in project management. Contact ZAUM today to find the perfect solutions for your company:

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