Digital transformation in translations: taking clients’ brands and content across borders with intelligence and technology

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The implementation of new technologies in corporations is no longer a futuristic daydream and has now become a matter of survival and expansion. Every day new tools are developed in different sectors to make the lives of users or clients easier.


And there is no reason why this would be any different in the translation industry. The different software suites used to organize workflows and manage translation projects evolved over time and made services more and more organized, as long as they are backed by skilled professional management. The software known as CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation Tools) help digitally organize the translations done by our professionals. These translations can be reused for the same client in similar content created in the future.  This ultimately leads to major improvements in terms of standardization, quality and terminology management, in addition to cutting costs and lowering turnaround time.


CAT Tools are just one example of technology that has been around the industry for decades, but which has constantly evolved and gained new features quite often, regularly inserted and integrated to the digital ecosystems of the top players in the business. One of the possible integrations is done with the so-called Translation Management Systems or TMSs.


In addition to internal integrations to make processes more and more efficient, Zaum can also handle integrations with external systems, making it much easier for clients to send us their demands through custom integrations between Zaum’s systems and those in their company. In other words, apart from the conventional way of sending us content (e.g. through file attachments or links via email), clients can also send their projects directly to Zaum through secure systems that guarantee greater speed and control over the management of these projects, among several other benefits.


That is all part of Zaum’s constant digital transformation journey. The same journey that also allows us to be part of our clients’ digital transformation, integrating the international network of Zaum’s project management and translation experts to the content flow of its clients, through projects involving IT and engineering teams, always guided by relevant procedures to ensure information security and to comply with GDPR or LGPD.


Another possibility, which we will discuss further in the coming articles, is integrating client websites to our systems. This streamlines the internationalization or even the globalization of these sites, in addition to expanding companies’ access to global markets and allowing them to optimize their expansion strategies, providing greater reach and global communication to their brands, products and services.


Even in this context of digital transformation, we must never underestimate the importance of the human factor in any relationship, both within our company and with our clients. Zaum firmly believes that each client has its own specific characteristics that demand custom services and support. With that in mind, we developed a highly organized and qualified network of professionals, ranging from dedicated project managers to a broad team of hand-picked linguists. This streamlines clients’ access to these services by intelligently applying technology to manage projects, processes, quality and integration.


We are constantly working to blend the know-how and expertise of our team of professionals to the endless possibilities of technologies to help our clients expand their businesses across borders.