Drummond Advisors and International Webinars

July 8, 2024

Main areas of operation: accounting, tax, legal and consulting.

Client’s country of operations: Brazil, United States and many others

Solution: Online Simultaneous Interpreting.


How to break language barriers in communicating with your target audience 


To forge relationships and attract new business, companies develop and use different digital marketing strategies to talk to their current and potential clients. One of the most commonly used content formats is the webinar. 

Much of the content created in this format is intended to educate consumers who use the Internet to learn more about products or services they intend to buy. 

A webinar is an online seminar, a videoconference with an educational purpose where participants register for lectures that interest them, using chat to ask experts questions and clarify their doubts. The company we are going to study in this case is a long-standing partner of Zaum Langs and makes excellent use of this format to generate and develop new leads.


About Drummond

“Betting on a market with increasingly fluid borders, Drummond Advisors was born with the mission of meeting the needs of companies operating in the Brazilian and U.S. markets. 

With a team of specialists in the accounting, tax and legal areas in both countries, Drummond’s goal is to help its clients achieve success and reach the goals set when doing business in a new market.” (source: https://drummondadvisors.com/en/)

With clients in both countries and an eye on global growth, it needs to ensure that its message reaches all target audiences accurately.


How to optimize communication in your digital marketing strategy

Content creation calls for important definitions regarding the format, topics and correct timing for the approach. Drummond’s webinars provide a wide variety of topics, always very relevant to its target audience. 

Presenting current and carefully selected content, the company organizes true virtual roundtables, where it brings experts from around the world to contribute to discussions and inform its partners and leads in the best possible way.

However, one of its main barriers is digital communication: the language spoken by its audience. Sometimes pushed to the bottom of to-do lists, content translation is essential for the success of a campaign, and in this specific case, of a webinar. 

In this day and age, the number of platforms one can choose to host webinars is huge. This creates a need for very careful consideration to make the right choice when it comes to your communication strategy, like Drummond did when it realized the need to conduct simultaneous translation of their events for increased optimization of the information transmitted.


How to translate your live event

Simultaneous interpreting is a popular solution among professionals charged with organizing events, workshops, training, etc. 

Before the pandemic, Zaum mainly offered its services at on-site events, including all the necessary equipment, where audience members could attend foreign-language lectures and receive all information translated on their headphones. 

During the pandemic, there was a major increase in the number of webinars and other online events held by companies in every industry. This was also true for the development of platforms equipped with excellent remote simultaneous interpreting features. Zaum studied the possibilities and quickly incorporated the remote interpreting service into its portfolio.

One of these platforms allows the event host to choose one or more webinar participants to interpret the event. This professional provides live translation of everything produced by the speakers and the public can choose the language they want to hear, using buttons within the application itself.

The translation company must guide its partners in this process, aligning the organizers’ expectations with the service offerings and selecting the best team of interpreters for the job, based on subject matter experience.

It is worth remembering that interpreters need to prepare prior to the event, studying the topics to be discussed and preparing a glossary of the key terms and expressions to be used. The interpreter should also know the country of origin of the speaker and have access to any presentations being given at the event. 

If this material is extremely confidential, a meeting can be scheduled so the speaker and the interpreter can review the slides and the terminology to be used. Then we will be ready to make it an excellent event in several languages. 


Customer testimonials and results

By holding the event in two different languages at the same time (Portuguese and English), Drummond observed several improvements in its process.

There was no longer a need to sort its mailing list by language and it was able to expand the audience reach. It can better organize the topics to be addressed and also their frequency, allowing the guest experts to speak directly to audiences located in different parts of the world.

By effectively conveying its message, Drummond is able to be remembered more quickly by its leads when they consider expanding their business to different markets and need guidance in tax, legal and market analysis matters.

Zaum understands that customer satisfaction is the key to its successful growth trajectory in language services.


“With the introduction of simultaneous translation, we were able to expand the reach of our webinars and provide the audience with an even more personalized experience. We appreciate all of Zaum’s support and partnership throughout this process. Combining the experience of both companies, we are able to provide quality information on topics such as internationalization, immigration and compliance to more and more people interested in these matters 

– Aline Ribeiro, Communications Consultant at Drummond Advisors


That makes it easy to understand the great importance of being able to count on the support of a translation company with more than 10 years of experience in content localization to guide and bring excellent professionals to your multilingual communication.


Author: Rafael Verdini


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