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We strive to make communication better around the world, believing in the central role of human beings in the technological and cognitive revolution.

Our services


Translation and technical translation
Machine translation with Zaum editing
Translation/Localization of software and websites
Desktop Publishing (DTP)

On-site and Online Events

On-site simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting of webinars
Simultaneous interpreting of online meetings

Multimedia: Audio and Video

Subtitling and closed captions
Narration, voice-over and dubbing
Translation of e-learning and training courses

Expertise across a wide range of different markets


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Others


We translate highly complex projects for global clients in the IT industry, offering custom management services to accommodate specific deadlines and requirements.

Life Sciences

Our expertise in life sciences, including medical equipment, pharmaceutical industry and medicine, allows us to deliver technical translations with highly accurate terminology.

Legal Translation

Translations of contracts and legal documents require attention to specific terminology. We accurately tailor content to the specific writing traits of each language.

Marketing & Business

We help bolster our clients’ global operations, offering extensive experience in translating corporate presentations, informative materials, videos, websites and training content, among several others.


We are honored to assist major international brands known around the world, as well as companies of different sizes and segments. We work hard to align client needs to our expertise and vision, ultimately adding value to interactions and deliveries.
Check out some examples below:

Johnson Controls