The ability to communicate conveys credibility and delivers a clear message to everyone around you. These are key factors to make it in the business world.

ZAUM manages translation projects independently and impartially to promote fast and effective communication. We strive for excellence and accurate terminology to translate a wide range of different documents and materials.

We also carefully manage terminology databases by subject and client, tailoring each project to specific preferences.

We use professional tools (top CAT Tools) to organize content, build specific translation memories for each client, boost productivity, and cut costs. Protecting the secrecy, confidentiality and safety of information is a crucial part of what we do.

Note: We offer subscription contract options for all content services. Contact our business development team to learn more.

Our content services include:

Translation or technical translation: our production chain is structured to efficiently handle different volumes of translation into several languages simultaneously, guided by standardized translation, editing and quality control workflows, or based on simplified workflows based on the complexity of each project.

We also work with different demands for technical translations of highly specialized materials. To do so, we rely on a team of translators and editors who are highly qualified and constantly trained in a wide range of technical terminologies across different areas and languages.

Custom machine translation and professional post-editing: we can translate your content with machine translation followed by post-editing by our experts. Our project managers are well-aware and versed in the different nuances that come along with machine translation technologies, such as machine parameterization/training, use of client-specific glossaries, and testing by experts in each area of expertise. After this initial stage, our professional translators edit the machine translation output to ensure quality based on each client’s needs, as well as excellent cost-effectiveness (contact us to learn how this could work for you).

Website Translation/Localization: As an extension of the translation services detailed above, we can also translate your website. We can work with content taken directly from the website, original files (e.g. html) preserving the structure, and also by installing a translation plugin on WordPress sites. By combining our expertise in technical translation with technology, and the translation and adaptation of videos and images, we can translate and localize your website and/or update new content into one or more languages. Contact us!

Note: We typically do not offer sworn translations.

Software Translation/Localization: these projects cover the following stages:
a) translation or localization of software content (menus, messages, instructions);
b) translation of documentation;
c) system client-side tests.

We account for length restrictions on the interface, terminology context, conversion of quantities and measurements, and other factors. Our translators and editors can access software beta versions (with the client’s permission) to carry out a preliminary content assessment and solve any terminological issues they may have, laying a solid foundation for the quality of the project from the get-go and facilitating the final system testing phase.

We also translate daily updates in a controlled manner, focusing solely on content updates.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) and recreation: translation of texts in images or other non-editable formats, expanding our ability to deliver your corporate message across a wide range of formats, based on your company’s identity guidelines.

Our services include image manipulation in graphic projects such as technical manuals, folders, yearbooks and marketing pieces. Projects are carried out based on predefined rules, preserving the arrangement of text elements and images, as well as the size and type of fonts in the original file, for example.