We provide subtitling services for corporate videos, classes, lectures, scientific documentaries and other content that requires a guarantee of the greatest possible terminological correspondence and precision, which can only be achieved by translators and editors specialized in each subject area.

Video subtitling consists of inserting text (either translated or in its source language) that is synchronized with the footage, while keeping the original audio intact. This process involves synchronizing text and footage through timecodes/timestamps, ensuring viewers have enough time to read the text shown on the screen. An example of a commonly used file is .SRT, which we can deliver separately and/or applied to your video.

We also transcribe audio or video content into text. This process makes it easier to locate information, with or without timecodes, and subtitle videos in the original language (subtitling ot closed captions).

We also offer a Voice-Over solution, where the original audio can be heard in the background, while actor voices are recorded “over” the track, with a tone and performance tailored to your business needs. We also offer narration without voice-over to completely adapt audio, video and training content to the desired language. Contact us to learn more.

This solution can be applied to translate documentaries, business training content (e-learning), and interviews with public figures. This is achieved through a joint effort between project managers, translators, editors and voice actors.

We rely on state-of-the-art voice-over and subtitling technology, which allows us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently without compromising translation quality. We have strict and transparent workflow controls in place, including transcription, translation, editing, subtitle insertion and synchronization.

Note: We offer subscription contract options for all multimedia services with constant demand. Contact our business development team to learn more.