With ZAUM, your audiovisual material is in good hands. We provide subtitling services for corporate videos, classes, lectures, scientific documentaries and other content that requires a guarantee of the greatest possible terminological correspondence and precision, which can only be achieved by using translators and editors specialized in the specific subject areas.

Video subtitling consists in inserting text (both translated or in its source language) that is synchronized with the images displayed on the video, while keeping the original audio intact. This process involves synchronizing the translated text with the video through timecodes, and making sure that the viewer has enough time to read the text shown on the screen. It requires a dynamic and fluent style of translation that must be easily read and capture the viewer’s attention by effectively conveying the message to the target language.

We have the latest technology for subtitling software, which allows us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently without compromising the translation quality. We have strict and transparent workflow controls in place, including transcription, translation, editing, subtitle insertion and synchronization. This process prevent mistakes and optimizes the time spent on each project phase.

We have the best solution for your business!