Global Expansion: How to Optimize your Content for Search Engines

July 8, 2024

For companies looking to go global, one of the major challenges is positioning their brand in an international market where the language and culture are different.

The first step in this process is to optimize your content for foreign search engines or tools, with a specific focus on your Buyer Persona. Simply translating your website is not enough. Your ranking is based on a series of factors.

This article explains some simple steps that will help you begin to understand this process and help your company stand out internationally. Check out our tips!

Invest in Quality Translation Services

A common mistake that companies make is choosing the first translation provider they come across. Others make the amateur mistake of using a machine translation service, without even bothering to hire a professional to review these translations.

Companies looking to expand internationally need to pay special attention to the language barriers they will encounter in these new markets.

Choose Translators who Specialize in your Field

If your content includes technical terms, you should also consider investing in language providers that offer translators specialized in your company’s field. This choice can make all the difference when communicating with your target audience.

Focus on the Local Dialect, not Just the Standard Language

Usually, there are two options when translating any kind of content: you can focus on the standard language or on the dialect spoken in the target country. We suggest choosing the latter – after all, the language may be the same, but it’s always changing.

Speaking the same dialect as your audience will greatly increase your chances of international success.

Use SEO Techniques to Boost your Global Expansion

After translating your website, the next step in your global expansion is adapting your content to keywords in the foreign language.

Google algorithms are the same in all languages and countries, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook this aspect. Here are some tips to improve your SEO:

> Identify keywords in the foreign language

You need to define keywords that will help your content rank higher in Google searches.

That can be made easier with tools such as SEMrush. The domain vs. domain report provides you with a list of words that drive traffic to your competitors. With the help of advanced filters, you can find words that can generate more traffic. You should also consult with SEO experts or translation companies that provide this analytical support.

> Purchase a web domain

Companies that use a top-level domain are more likely to earn the trust of customers in other countries.

After meeting the specific legal requirements and registering the company in its target markets, we recommend investing in Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs). These foreign domain extensions are two-letter identifiers that represent all 250 countries and territories available, such as “.br” for Brazil.

Contact Local Media Outlets and Influencers

Another way to optimize your global expansion is to invest in link building, getting guest articles published on local websites or reaching out to key influencers in your target market.

And don’t forget, the same rules for translating your content also apply to the articles you send to your new partners. After all, a proper translation is sure to help your company’s global expansion!

Did you find this content helpful? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be glad to help!

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