Initial guidelines and support for exporting software and IT services

July 8, 2024

There are several reasons for Brazilian technology companies to think about exporting its software or IT services. The domestic market is often unable to absorb the technology produced in the country, while more mature foreign markets can help IT services and software reach a much wider audience.
Another factor to consider is that the cost of living and manufacturing tend to be lower in Brazil than in other countries that take in our information technology goods and services. That is also the reason why foreign companies have increasingly sought to outsource their production to countries like Brazil. This competitive advantage allows companies choosing to develop their software here and selling it abroad to achieve greater profit margins.
Proper planning is critical for companies looking to market a product or service in foreign markets. If you are looking to expand to global markets, we have put together some tips that will help you get started:

Understand your destination

The first step for a company looking to start exporting IT services is to understand the new market it will serve. New companies that started with a global vision have an easier time with this task,
while older software developers who have a long history of operating exclusively in Brazil need to figure out how to adapt their product to local consumers. In fact, a crucial point to consider when choosing a destination is whether there is room for your services in this new market.

Seek institutional support

For anyone planning to start exporting IT services, one valuable tip is to look for institutions that can help pave the way in a foreign market. Trade associations can provide significant leverage: Softex supports the Brazilian IT software and services industry by sharing its knowledge and business contacts with companies that are ready to go global. When it comes to video game development, which grew 600% over the last 8 years according to IBGE, Abragames is the leading authority in the field.
Another relevant organization that works to strengthen Brazilian companies abroad is Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for the Support of Exports and Investment), whose team features experts in exporting IT services. Finally, a helpful tip for anyone wishing to venture into Silicon Valley is to get in touch with Bay Brazil, an association comprised of Brazilian tech professionals who work in the region.
Even though Brazil is yet to be considered one of the world’s leading exporters of IT, its numbers have been improving year by year. There is currently a long list of startups and technology-based companies investing in the global market, and many large international companies outsource their production and services to Brazilian enterprises. International expansion can open the door to valuable opportunities, as long as businesses are adequately prepared for this move.

Find a quality translation and localization provider

This is a basic step for any business looking to expand its footprint to other markets. Even if you offer a great service or a groundbreaking product, spelling mistakes and amateurish translations can undermine your efforts and leave a bad first impression.
In addition to accurate meaning and proper grammar, a well-done localization service also depends on successfully adapting your content to the local culture. To illustrate this point, we can look to a text translated into British English, which may use expressions and cultural references that are not familiar to an American audience – or vice versa.
Therefore, when planning for your global expansion project, look for a professional localization provider who is not only fluent in both languages, but who also understands the specific country’s culture, customs and rules. And of course, make sure to hire a company that specializes in exporting IT services. That way you minimize the value of your message from being lost in translation.
We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights about exporting IT services. Find out more with this article about the importance of adapting the language.

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