Quality of technical translations: the importance of hiring an expert team

July 8, 2024

Expert translators must be fluent in at least two languages: the document’s source language and the language into which the document must be translated. These skills are essential in order to avoid grammar mistakes, inaccuracies and loss of meaning during the translation process. However, in addition to being fluent in a given language pair, the translator must also have a deep understanding of the document’s subject matter.
But do you know why it’s so important for technical translations to be done not just by any translator, but by a team of experts? Let’s go over some of the reasons.

The technical translation team

It’s a simple concept: expert translators are professionals who, in addition to mastering at least two languages (their native tongue and a foreign language), also have a deep understanding of a specific subject, distinguishing them from a general translator.
There are expert translators for a wide range of fields of expertise, such as legal, information technology, health, marketing, and many others. The first step is to determine which field the source document can be classified under and then search for the most appropriate professional translation service.
Expert translators do not work alone – in fact, they are surrounded by an entire team of professionals who are responsible for ensuring the quality of the final document delivered to the client, including the project manager, quality specialists, desktop publishers (when needed), and others.

The importance of hiring expert professionals for technical translations

A translation basically consists of “translating text from one language into another, as faithfully as possible, while observing the spirit of the language into which it is translates.” With that concept in mind, an accurate translation of specific terms (technical or otherwise) is essential in order to keep the target text faithful to the source.
Translating is a meticulous and delicate task, and the professionals involved in this task must be highly specialized in order to avoid any linguistic or subject-specific distortions to the original text.
A common problem in the translation world is the use of machine translation software, which often result in literal translations that don’t fully convey the original meaning. Another problem, mentioned previously, is the fact that some translators simply do not have a thorough understanding of the subject matter, which may result in mistakes or even a translation that doesn’t sound natural to the target audience.
A team of expert translators is capable of adapting the translations of technical terms for the specific field of expertise, while staying faithful to the original meaning of sentences – as well as being able to distinguish which terms do not have to be translated.

Choose a quality service

It is very difficult to guess how many translation services are currently available on the internet, between machine translation software, general translators or even translation agencies.
In this context, professionals with proven skills provide you a translation that is faithful to the source text, in addition to the entire planning, quality control and review process that goes into every translation job. In any case, customers are able to choose the option that best suits their demands.
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