Tailored translation | Do your glossaries reflect your brand?

July 8, 2024

When translating your company’s material, especially when dealing with something that carries the culture or some very particular distinctive aspect, appropriate terminology management and consistent translation of glossaries are crucial, because these have to carry more than apparent message or content. Have you analyzed whether the translation is positioning your brand in a unique way that makes it stand out in the market?

A major concern for some companies is the possibility of losing these unique aspects when outsourcing the translation process. For this reason, they prioritize having translation done by their own employees, who are often fluent in the target language, but are not professional translators.

The fact is that just translating, without taking into account the client’s preferences or market, represents a violation of the organization’s branding. After all, in the face of increasingly fierce competition, your distinctive qualities need to be underscored. As such, ZAUM, as a provider of language services, strives to optimize clients’ work, offering quality translation within their terms, while also favoring tailored translation in every project.

To demonstrate this, take a look at how specialized IT companies might translate common terms in different ways:

“Right click”: for some companies this is translated as “click with the right mouse button”, for others, as “click with the right button” (no mouse), while some others might prefer “click the right mouse button on”

1.“Delete”: some companies prefer to use the word “remove”, while others choose “erase”.

2.“Change”: depending on the company, this term should be translated as “to change/change” or as “to alter/alteration”.

This is why ZAUM values dialogue with our clients in order to determine glossary preferences, striving for increased flexibility to resolve their language needs. We thus optimize your work by combining quality, speed and full management of your project’s translation.


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