One of the most respected rankings puts Zaum Langs in a prominent global position – CSA

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CSA Research, one of the world’s most respected consulting firms, has released its traditional Global Market Study 2022, which lists the top language service providers. These companies, also known by their acronym LSP, offer translation, subtitling, voice-over, interpreting, localization, and language consulting services.

For Zaum Langs, being listed in the CSA Ranking means international recognition as one of the important players in the segment and, with that, being rewarded by the constant pursuit of excellence – besides being endorsed as a company that facilitates communications between different countries, fields and businesses, leveraging technology and human ingenuity in every process.

CSA Research Director Dr. Donald A. De Palma underscores the importance of this annual survey by stating that billions of people around the world depend on translation and interpretation for health, education, entertainment, and shopping.

“Our annual, global market study focuses on the language services industry that supports global experiences in other languages by providing essential outsourced translation, interpretation and localization capabilities to organizations and individuals around the world,” De Palma explains.

The CSA ranking

Since 2002, CSA Research has conducted annual studies of the language and technology services market. The process includes gathering comprehensive data from the suppliers in this worldwide market, and the final report ranks the top 100 language companies in the world and the largest in each of eight global regions, comprising Europe, Africa and the Americas.

The study is based on a rigorous methodology developed since 2002 – and refined in 2010 – by CSA, which aims to size the market for language services and language technology companies, known as langtechs. 

The CSA Research Ranking details, globally and regionally, how companies are looking to expand their performance and operate internationally in the language services industry, as well as the trends and behaviors of these organizations, such as the acquisition and use of machine learning and deep learning technologies.

CSA Research uses structured and documented methodologies to ensure independent and reliable research, driven by data obtained from language service providers, technology vendors, global companies, and investors. 

The rankings of the largest suppliers are based on confirmed revenue as of 2021. This is the 18th year that CSA Research has studied the language services industry, and the 4th year that Zaum Langs (a company that has been in business for 10 years) has been ranked in the top 10.

Zaum Langs achieves global recognition

Zaum Langs has been listed once again by CSA Research, this time in the Top 10 Language Services Provider (Latin American and The Caribbean) ranking. 

In the 2022 edition, Zaum Langs was ranked 8th – and, in previous years, it was ranked 9th (2020 and 2021) and 10th (2018), in addition to being listed in the Fastest Growing category. 

The year-by-year improvement in the ranking illustrates the continuous growth of Zaum Langs.

The CEO of Zaum Langs, Henrique Veríssimo, emphasized that being repeatedly listed in the ranking shows that Zaum has been on a consistent growth path, trying to put into practice the vision it has had since its foundation – to be a company that offers the best global practices in the industry and innovation to its international clients, helping them achieve their internationalization goals quickly and effectively.

Juliana Belloti, one of the leaders of the Business Development team, analyzes the differentials mentioned in the CSA ranking: “This type of certification and authorization to use the seal demonstrates that Zaum is aligned with international market standards and methodologies, and increasingly excelling in Latin American and Caribbean services.”

As CSA’s own report pointed out, the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 were challenging for language services providers. However, Zaum followed through on its investments in technology, platforms, and tools.

“During the pandemic, we provided a lot of support to the companies in various types of services, from traditional offerings (content) to interpretation (online), among others. This support, together with the investments, allowed us to reach one more step in the CSA ranking and to develop training courses with suppliers and the internal team,” Juliana said.

A connected world

Zaum Langs, in all its services, wants companies to communicate and understand each other better and better across borders. 

And this desire is supported by people, processes and technology. These three principles promote the constant development of everyone involved, from professionals to customers and suppliers. 

Meet Zaum Langs

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Campinas, in the State of São Paulo, Zaum Langs (formerly Zaum Language Services) is a language service provider (LSP) that offers global services to its clients, using the international best practices in the industry.

Since September 2021, Zaum has an international office in Austin, capital of the state of Texas (USA), a city that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation, and is home to more startups per capita than any other city in the United States,  helping attract larger and burgeoning companies alike. 

The company also seeks to create innovations and differentials to offer excellence in technical translation services, simultaneous or consecutive translation, software localization, video subtitling and voice-over, as well as customized services.

Its services cater to highly complex projects in the IT (Information Technology), Legal, Life Science, Marketing and Business areas.