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July 8, 2024

The events industry was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The cancelation or suspension of in-person events affected not only event organizers, but also the various businesses that rely on events as a key part of their sales and marketing strategy. In-person events, such as conferences and conventions, are a major touchpoint between many organizations and their internal (employees and partners) or external audiences (customers and stakeholders).

Unable to meet face-to-face with these audiences, businesses had to come up with solutions to this challenge. Many of them turned to online events in an attempt to keep these relationships going. That is why virtual event platforms are constantly evolving to try as much as possible to replicate the interactive experience of an event.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual events is that the guest speaker list can be expanded well beyond previous limitations. By eliminating travel, lodging and other related costs, organizers can afford to bring in names that would have otherwise been prohibitive.

Unconstrained by geographical barriers, the same person can attend an event hosted by a Brazilian institution, a virtual congress in the United States and a meeting in Japan – and all on the same day. This is exactly where simultaneous translation comes in, as an essential tool that allows attendees of various nationalities to fully absorb the content presented at these events.

With over ten years of experience, Zaum has the expertise needed to make online events accessible to more people through simultaneous translation and other translation services for various languages.

One of our success stories took place in September 2020, when we provided simultaneous interpreting services for +20 hours of content over a period of two days, at a virtual event held by a multinational company. The event was attended by teachers, students, mentors, teaching coordinators and directors, as well as industry partners who provided financial support for the program.

In all, the sessions brought together approximately 1,000 people from five different countries – Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Mexico – across simultaneous meeting rooms and different platforms. We received excellent feedback from our client, who plans to continue relying on our services to host events of this nature in the future.

These unprecedented times call for creative solutions to develop opportunities and deliver a great audience experience. That is why Zaum offers specific translation services for each type of event, eliminating language barriers.

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