Since the beginning of ZAUM Language Services, software localization has been one of our specialties. This service comprises the translation and localization workflows of the software content (menus, messages, instructions, etc.), document translation, as well as localized system testing from a user’s perspective (when needed). We account for length restrictions on the interface, terminology context, conversion of quantities and measurements, etc.

In order to translate software aimed at a specific audience, or even in the case of CRM, ERP, SCM or EPM systems composed of several modules, it is paramount to have controls in place throughout the process to ensure the terminological precision within a single module, as well as across different modules. This contextual interrelationship must be taken into account at all times.

Ideally, translators and editors are given access to a beta version of the software, for a previous prior research on context in order to solve any terminological questions they may have, laying a solid foundation for the quality of the project from the very beginning and facilitating the final system-testing phase.

System testing from a user’s and linguistic perspective is extremely important in software localization. Learn more about this solution.

The importance of software localization for exportation